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Leadership Traits - Have a vision

Feb 27, 2018 1:30:00 PM / by Ed Brzychcy

Great Leadership Starts with having a great vision. Just like traveling, unless you have a distinct idea of your final destination, you will never know when you get there. Leadership is the same; you have to have a clear and well-articulated vision for what your team is to accomplish. Of all the leadership traits that a dedicated leader must have, a vision is the most important and sets the leader's baseline and foundation for success.

Having a vision serves two distinct purposes. Provide an idea of what the team is to accomplish and define what their goal is in working together.  Second, a vision serves as a roadmap to how the team achieves that purpose.

Vision starts with purpose. It is an idea, clearly articulated and stated, as to the group's overall mission and purpose. A vision should say what the team is going to achieve and what the endstate is to their actions. Any leader's vision should be, big, emotional, and attainable. A well-crafted vision will both keep the leaders awake at night and inspire them to act in the morning.

A well-crafted vision is also granular in nature. A leader must be able to distill their vision down to smaller and smaller components which are readily achievable by their team members. These elements provide benchmarks towards success, precise definition, and delagation of tasks, and help conceptualize what skills, procedures, and equipment are necessary for the accomplishment of the overall mission.

This leadership trait allows a leader to begin to formulate his own and his team's place and accomplishments and is a critical first step to building and inspiring their team.

Thinking about how to succeed is important. Doing something to achieve it is essential.  Connect with us to learn more about our range of Leadership Development services.

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Ed Brzychcy

Written by Ed Brzychcy

Ed Brzychcy is former U.S. Army Infantry Staff-Sergeant with service across 3 combat deployments to Iraq. After his time in the military, he received his MBA from Babson College and now coaches organizational leadership and growth through his consultancy, Blue Cord Management.