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Listening is a part of Leadership


Listening is a skill that we tend to take for granted. Often we tell ourselves and others that we are active listeners, but are we? There is a difference between listening to respond and listening to understand.

Setting Leadership Priorities


As leaders, we face a multitude of tasks in our daily lives. One of our fundamental skills is the ability to set priorities and focus accordingly. In leadership, we have three critical areas to focus on in no particular order; developing our...

3 Tips for Training


We have often mentioned the need for training in an organization and how it can help create a more effective organizational culture, higher productivity, and increased group learning. However, the demands of the modern-day workforce leave little...

The Engaging Leader


Leadership starts with presence and engagement. As leaders, we are defined by those who follow us. The example that we set carries forward in how our teams behave and work and what they achieve. In leadership, the skills and attitudes that we...

Taking the Time to Lead Effectively


Leadership takes time and effort. In building our connections to our teams and inspiring people on an individual basis, leadership roles can quickly become overwhelming and lead to burnout. Leaders must take the time to see to their own needs and...

Leadership Traits - Have a vision

Great Leadership Starts with having a great vision. Just like traveling, unless you have a distinct idea of your final destination, you will never know when you get there. Leadership is the same; you have to have a clear and well-articulated...

Leadership and Self-Care


Leaders today are busy. With almost incessant demands across multiple fronts, business leaders risk finding themselves held prisoner to their activities and responsibilities.

Amidst all this, leaders must find time to take care of number one. No...

Instilling Integrity When Developing Business Leaders

Leaders who have integrity walk the talk; they are moral, honest, trustworthy and most importantly, consistent. Their followers trust them because of their ability to acknowledge their faults rather than rationalize them away. By taking...

Leadership Qualities

What skills are essential to great leadership?

Traditional thinking places leadership skills into three categories, technical, conceptual, and human.   According to this model, as leaders progress in their careers, the technical abilities begin...

The Definition of Leadership

What is a leader?

Everyone has their definition of leadership; if I asked everyone who is reading this to define leadership, I would receive as many different answers as readers.   The critical piece here is that leadership is personal.  Every...

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The Game of Business Leadership Lessons
The Game of Golf and Business Leadership Lessons

Now that it’s winter time and temperatures have...

Listening is a part of Leadership

Listening is a skill that we tend to take for granted. Often we tell ourselves and others that...