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Apr 3, 2018 1:30:00 PM / by Ed Brzychcy

Leadership starts with presence and engagement. As leaders, we are defined by those who follow us. The example that we set carries forward in how our teams behave and work and what they achieve. In leadership, the skills and attitudes that we deliver define the organization that we create.

Functional skills are the foundation of our skillset as leaders. In the military, we had the rule "one up and two down," this means that at any given time a leader is expected to competently execute any task two levels down the hierarchy or one level up, i.e., their report's and their immediate supervisor's position. This system creates an in-depth mentorship platform, where leaders know the components of their team's jobs and can act as on-the-spot counselors and trainers while simultaneously developing their skills to move up the chain of command.

This system also creates an engaging environment, where constant interaction between a leader and their team are a necessity in building and developing everyone involved. Leaders are held fully accountable for the training and readiness of their elements. These same leaders know that their success hinges on them developing and training capable teams who can execute any task laid before them.

These interwoven layers of responsibility helped bridge the gap between leaders and their teams; it creates a profound sense of ownership for everyone involved, promoting their direct engagement while building their skills to grow and develop within the organization.

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Ed Brzychcy

Written by Ed Brzychcy

Ed Brzychcy is former U.S. Army Infantry Staff-Sergeant with service across 3 combat deployments to Iraq. After his time in the military, he received his MBA from Babson College and now coaches organizational leadership and growth through his consultancy, Blue Cord Management.